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Payment Details

Dues are paid according to earnings - please indicate which dues bracket you are in (based on the table, below) and preferred payment option.

Monthly Income after tax Monthly Dues Annual Dues
£230 or less £1 £12
£231 to £777 £2 £24
£778 to £1,343 £5 £60
£1,344 to £1,910 £10 £120
£1,911 to £2,477 £18 £216
£2,478 or more 1% 1%
Monthly Income after tax Monthly Dues Annual Dues
€274 or less €1 €12
€275 to €925 €3 €36
€926 to €1,600 €6 €72
€1,601 to €2,276 €12 €144
€2,277 to €2,951 €22 €264
€2,592 or more 1% 1%
Please indicate what dues rate you will be paying from the choices in the table above.
If you are paying the 1% rate, please calculate your monthly dues here.
The IWW is using Go Cardless, a third-party payment processor, as the preferred payment option for dues. If you are willing to pay your monthly dues by monthly recurring payments through Go Cardless, then please indicate above. If you check this box, you will be sent to gocardless.com, our third-party payment provider's website, after submitting this form, in order to set up your payments. Note that to use this option, you need a bank account in the UK, or in one of the Eurozone countries.
Demographic Information
If a student / itinerant worker - living in temporary accomodation please provide additional contact postal address details where possible.
If you live outside the UK and Ireland, you are still welcome to join the IWW in your own country. We will put you in touch with existing IWW members or groups where possible, or refer you to the closest Regional Administration or Organising Group. Once you are a member, we will endeavour to provide training and other resources for your use, and offer support to establish active branches in your local area. For a list of areas and countries where there is an IWW presence, please check the links at the bottom of our homepage iww.org.uk
Employment Details
If a student, unemployed or retired - please state course of study, line of work training for / previously in.
I confirm that I am a worker and not an employer and will study the aims and constitution of the union.